With the weather getting warmer, it’s getting close to grilling season. Burgers, hotdogs, sausage, and all kinds of tasty things. For vegans, that generally means tofurky things or a big ol’ portabella mushroom cap grilled like a burger. To that, we decided to say….nah. Continue reading “Burgerburgerburgerburger”


Smokiest Ketchup

So I’ve pointed out smokey ketchup a couple times now, and as luck would have it, we ran out. Means it’s time to make more! The funny thing is, years ago I rolled my eyes a whole ton at a couple self-righteous people who said they’d only eat ketchup they made. Bottled ketchup, like Heinz or whatever, was “supposed to cause cancer and birth defects and was a plague on the environment and what do you mean we’re being obnoxious” and so on and so forth. All that aside, now that we’ve made our own breed of ketchup, it’s safe to say we’re probably not going to bother buying any more if we can help it because it’s so freaking good. And easy. Continue reading “Smokiest Ketchup”

Apple Beer Not-So-Sausages

So, apples, beer, and sausage. Three things that sound great separately, and together. Vegan sausage in this case is made of vital wheat gluten and assorted other things, and becomes an evil sounding almost-bread called ‘seitan,’ pronounced as far as I can tell as ‘say-tahn’ but jokingly as ‘say-tin’ to my wife’s unending eye rolling. Continue reading “Apple Beer Not-So-Sausages”